The Beauty Of Friuli’s Vineyards And A Family History: A Day At Lorenzonetto Cav. Guido Wine Estate

Entrance of the Lorenzonetto wine estate

Last month I was in the Italian region of Friuli to spend some time with part of the family and during those days I had the pleasure of visiting one of the largest wine estates in the area because during our lunches at home we always drink the red wine produced by Lorenzonetto, buying it directly from them.

The Lorenzonetto Cav. Guido wine estate is located in the municipality of Pertegada, near the town of Latisana; the wine business is entirely run by the Lorenzonetto family, where winemaking and vineyard cultivation have been handed down through generations (they have been winemakers in Friuli since 1968).

Although the company retains the ancient traditions related to winemaking, it has also embraced the technological innovations of our time for the production process. The area of the Friulian plain where the wine estate is located makes the development of vineyards particularly favorable because the soils are well endowed with micro-elements. The area is also favored by a microclimate because of its proximity to the Adriatic Sea (about 11 km from the coastal town of Lignano Sabbiadoro) and its currents of warm and salty air, which facilitate the creation of tasty and fragrant wines.

Friulian vineyards and trees in the fall
Inside the Lorenzonetto store
Wine barrels

It all started in the 1960s, when Guido Lorenzonetto, together with his wife Ornella, arrived in Friuli and immediately started crafting fine wines which were greatly prized by local residents and tourists (Friuli is one of Italy’s most visited regions and the vineyard clientele is also international because the area is very close to Austria and Slovenia).

The running of the estate founded by Guido Lorenzonetto and his wife is now handled by their sons Mara and Marco, who have always been committed to improving and expanding wine and prosecco production and vineyard cultivation. I had the pleasure of meeting Ornella and Mara and was very impressed by their kindness and the professionalism with which they run this wonderful family business. They welcomed me to their wine estate and showed me around the wine production areas, allowing me to explore the surroundings and take photographs.


Throwback Thursday – Visiting The Emilian Hills (Northern Italy)

Ziano Piacentino, Emilia Romagna, Italy

At the end of July 2017 I had the opportunity to visit Emilia Romagna on a family trip; for those who are unaware of the Italian regions, it is located in the North, about an hour from Milan.

Our main goal was to spend some time in nature, have a look at the local vineyards and experience regional food.

We had lunch at Ristorante Casabella, a place located in Ziano Piacentino and overlooking the vineyards; it turned out to be a very good choice and the food was simply amazing. Fried dumpling (“gnocco fritto”, which is a typical dish from the area), a plate of charcuterie and the local wine made up for a great lunch experience.

Then we went to explore the surroundings by car and got to see La Stoppa, which is a farmhouse in the town of Rivergaro (both Ziano and Rivergaro are located in the province of Piacenza). La Stoppa was founded more than a hundred years ago and the family behind it have been producing wine for 40 years; they often take part in wine fairs around Italy, have their own restaurant and they welcome visitors and clients by appointment, giving them the possibility to visit the vineyards and the cellar, taste and buy their wines.