Wellness Time: Discovering Lucrezia Beauty Studio

Lucrezia Beauty Studio in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy

Last March my stepsister Lucrezia opened her beauty salon in the coastal town of Lignano Sabbiadoro (Northeast Italy), and many citizens attended the opening night, which also included refreshments for guests and a welcome toast offered by the team. The venue, which was previously home to a real estate agency, was completely renovated before the opening and was furnished according to the owner’s taste. During that time I was based in Lignano Sabbiadoro for a few months and was able to witness the different stages that preceded the opening; the venue was turned into a beautiful place, completed with furniture from Maisons du Monde and other design brands made in Italy.

Lucrezia began her beautician studies about a year and a half prior to the inauguration, training at a few local beauty salons before deciding to open her own beauty studio. She specialized mainly in nail art and nail reconstruction, and is to this day a professional nail technician; her talent, kindness and care for her clients has helped make Lucrezia Beauty Studio one of the leading beauty salons in the town of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

Windows of the studio. Image Credits: Lucrezia Beauty Studio
With Lucrezia on the beauty salon’s opening night

Lucrezia Beauty Studio offers a wide selection of beauty treatments. Lucrezia is in charge of all nail-related work; manicures and pedicures (both with regular and semi-permanent nail polish), French manicure, nail reconstruction with nail plate and refill work, including gel-nail removal. She has a remarkable talent for nail art works and the designs she does on the nails are amazing; I also love her results in making Baby Boomer, an acrylic nail technique that makes nails look shaded with a very natural effect. I have rather small nails but thanks to Lucrezia I managed to stop biting them and I have been her client for semi-permanent nail polish application (living far from Lignano, it is difficult for me to visit the salon on a regular basis so I tend to do a DIY manicure with regular nail polish at home and go to Lucrezia for a manicure or other beauty treatments when I am visiting part of the family in Lignano). The nail polish used by Lucrezia are from top quality brands, such as Orly and Passione Unghie.