Fashion Thread By Rina (From La Vida Prada) On Twitter – My Answers

Image Credits: Toa Heftiba

This fashion thread was created by Rina from La Vida Prada on Twitter a while ago. Her account is one of the most popular on the platform and it is part of High Fashion Twitter; I find the thread comprehensive and I think it touches on many different aspects of fashion so I chose to include it on my blog. 

1. How would you describe your aesthetic? (use pictures if you want)

Being born in the 1990s, I grew up following the Y2K aesthetic because I became a teenager in the early 2000s; during that time I often wore low-waisted jeans (which I later came to dislike) and mini tank tops. Even looking back at photos from that era, I realize that I would often wear belts with large buckles with big Gucci or D&G logos. Over the years, my style has changed a lot, and I have to say that the old money aesthetic is the one I identify with the most; it is an aesthetic that focuses mainly on quality instead of appearance and also includes the preppy style, which I have always loved very much. I don’t like to sport brand logos excessively; I usually prefer high-quality outfits and accessories with a sophisticated and elegant touch. I also love Parisian style and the recent quiet luxury trend. 

2. What other aesthetics would you like to be? (use pictures if you want)

I was very fascinated by the coastal grandmother aesthetic (think Diane Keaton in Anything Can Happen, with comfy, light-colored clothes) and the coconut girl aesthetic (which communicates a 2000s summer vacation vibe), which I got to learn more about thanks to one of the brilliant YouTube videos by ModernGurlz. I would also like to try the dark academia (in homage to The Secret History by Donna Tartt, one of my favorite novels) or light academia, which uses a more neutral color palette following the white and beige tones.

3. What is the next item of clothing you’re planning to buy?

Probably a few pairs of high-rise jeans by Zara. 

4. What items are on the top of your wishlist?

I don’t list them in any particular order, but I think they are a Saint Laurent clutch, a black jumpsuit by Norma Kamali, and a short floral dress by Dolce&Gabbana. 

5. Do you own designer anything? If so, what? (makeup and perfume included).

I became aware with the world of Made in Italy luxury fashion from an early age through my father’s work (I also currently work in the fashion industry), so I own several items from European designers. As for clothing and accessories, I love mixing and matching high-street fashion with luxury designers and brands. A Burberry trench coat from the Christopher Bailey era, a Burberry cashmere scarf, and a pair of Giorgio Armani men’s scarves that my father used to wear when he was younger. I really love my Chanel graffiti hobo bag from the 2007 resort collection because my mother gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. My Balenciaga Triple S black/pink sneakers. A long evening dress in blue from Ralph Lauren’s Lauren line. As for perfumes, I mainly buy those from luxury maisons, mainly Armani and Dolce & Gabbana (of the latter brand my favorite is Light Blue, one of the first I bought) but I also love the more youthful ones from Juicy Couture and other niche perfumes. For makeup I mainly use products from the beauty industry (BioNike, Max Factor…), but I have a fondness for lipsticks by Dior and I also own a couple of Chanel nail polishes (although I generally buy nail polishes from brands that belong to the nail care industry). 

6. What is a designer item you really want?

Is the book on the history of the Burberry fashion house published by Assouline to be considered a designer item? If not, I’m mainly interested in vintage garments going back a few years or decades (e.g. Ossie Clark’s vintage dresses, since I recently visited a retrospective of the British designer and wrote about it on the blog. If we are thinking of something more recent, I saw pictures of the Jacquemus giant bag parade in Paris a few days ago and would be interested in a Jacquemus Le Bambino bag. 

7. Do you buy sustainable?

I try to buy sustainable as much as possible, despite the fact that this often means spending more money. However, I believe in buying clothes that will last and that come from a “transparent” supply chain; I like to buy from sustainable brands such as Reformation, Sézane and Faithfull The Brand, as well as People Tree, which is one of the most popular brands in the sustainable fashion field.  

8. What are your thoughts on sustainability?

I studied the concept of sustainability in detail during my graduate course in Fashion Business with NYC Parsons School of Design and analyzed the negative impact of fast fashion on our planet. I have always been environmentally conscious and have often donated to causes that are concerned with the preservation of the planet and its inhabitants. I believe that all brands should move toward sustainability; we should buy less and focus on key wardrobe items that are primarily quality garments and whose making does not come from the exploitation of workers in developing countries. 

9. Do you buy on thrift shops?

Not as much as I would like but I try to, because I like to discover unique pieces from old collections. 

10. What is one trend you regret wearing?

Too many crop-tops in the early 2000s because I think they didn’t suit me. To this day, I’ve only kept a crop-top model sweatshirt from Adidas because it’s a great street-style piece. Also, I’m not a fan of ripped jeans but would often wear them during my first years of high school. 

11. What is one trend you wish would come back?

 I don’t know, I just hope that high waisted pants will never go out of fashion because I can’t stand low waisted pants anymore! 

12. What is one trend you wish it would go away?

Excessive use of brand logos on tops and trousers. 

13. Do you often follow trends?

Unintentionally perhaps I do, but I mainly purchase what I like and what particularly strikes me as interesting. I would often follow trends in the early 2000s (for example, wearing a necktie after seeing that it was part of Avril Lavigne’s signature look). 

14. Do you want to work in the fashion industry? What job do you want?

I already work in the fashion industry; I work as a fashion consultant and luxury buyer for some showrooms in Milan, as well as social media manager of the Instagram account of the luxury fashion store owned by my father’s partner. I also support my father in taking care of the communication and commercial direction of a few emerging brands. Although I like what I do, I would later prefer to work in a branch more related to fashion publishing because I am very fascinated by that world. In fact, I often write about fashion on my website. 

15. What’s your favorite fashion magazine?

Various international editions of Vogue. 

16. Who is your favorite designer? (dead or alive)

Yves Saint Laurent. 

17. What is your favorite designer brand?

Since I am currently editing the pictures I took at the Grimaldi Forum retrospective for my Flickr account, I would like to mention Christian Louboutin. I have talked about his retrospective in this article

18. What is your favorite store?

If we are talking about brick-and-mortar stores, Camera Buyer Italia stores have a wide selection of brands. I like to buy garments from past collections so I particularly appreciate the outlets in Italy of the McArthur Glen group and FoxTown, which is located in the Ticino area of Switzerland, very close to the Italian border.

19. Who is your style icon?

My mother, because she’s always right. If you mean someone famous, Audrey Hepburn (whose style looks a lot like my mother’s) and Emma Watson, who pays a lot of attention to sustainability. Recently I have really enjoyed Anya Taylor Joy’s style. 

20. If you had to style one celebrity which one would it be and why? (create an outfit for them if you want)

On a fantasy level I would love to dress Blake Lively, even though she doesn’t work with a stylist and manages to do perfectly well on her own. I really like her style and at most I would suggest to her some outfits from brands whose communication I curate; I am thinking of a dress created by Psalida, owned by a group of Italian manufacturers from Leonard Paris who designed their own line for a couple of years before the pandemic. A totally Made-in-Italy supply chain with a lot of attention towards the details and quality of the outfits, as you can see from the sketch I am posting here below. I think Blake Lively would look amazing in this blue gown.

Sketches from Psalida S/S 2021

21. How did you first get into fashion?

As I mentioned earlier, my father works in the fashion industry and for decades he was at the helm of two showrooms in Milan as a fashion agent and representative. This allowed me to start working in the industry when I finished high school, although I was initially freelancing. I held the position of showroom coordinator for various lengths of time so I was able to learn in the field; later I took refresher courses, the last one with NYC Parsons School of Design — The New School.  

22. What are your tips for people who wanna get into fashion but don’t know how?

I think first of all it depends on the job position you want to hold. For example, being a fashion designer nowadays involves big investments of money and competition is quite high. The industry is saturated in some ways, and the post-pandemic period has been marked by the economic crisis anyway, also because of war conflicts. It is important to have the right economic means and to know the right people because surrounding yourself with people who know how to work properly makes a big difference. Also, on a general level it is very important to study and learn new things, at any age. Even while working, I have never stopped studying and educating myself from any source of learning, even free ones. In fact, I am about to start a course with New York City’s MoMa that also includes fashion design concepts. The willingness to do things and improve your skills makes up a large part of the end result. 

23. Have you ever been considered futile/vain/shallow/snob for liking fashion? How did it make you feel?

It happened especially in the early years of high school; I think that’s part of the downside of attending a predominantly female school but without the requirement to wear a school uniform. That would have helped reinforce the principle of equality, whereas that way you would often end up judging each other by how you dressed, and I think in school you have to focus on just learning. That often made me feel out of place or inadequate, but thank goodness you move on. 

24. What is your favorite part of fashion?

I will quote a sentence uttered by Blair Waldorf’s character in the TV series Gossip Girl because it very much reflects my idea of fashion and what I love most about it: “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” 

25. What is an It Girl to you?

I think the role of the It Girl has slightly changed over the years; the majority of people no longer likes the idea of the It Girl as merely someone attractive and rich who attends a lot of social events and has a flashy style. That was especially the case in the years where hedonism ruled the day, like in the decades of the 1980s and 1990s. I think now it should be mostly about having something meaningful to say, being socially active, and having an engaging personality, something that goes beyond mere physical appearance. Having an elegance that comes mostly from within. That certain je ne sais quoi, like the French say.

26. What do you think of nepotism in the industry?

I think nepotism is not to be totally condemned; there is no question that having parents or relatives who hold a significant role in a certain industry is an advantage. It’s not enough, though; I think talent and skills are still crucial and nepotism doesn’t really affect the trajectory of a career. For example, I think Maya Hawke is charismatic and talented regardless of being the daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. 

27. What do you think of the diversity issues in the industry?

I think over the years there have been great strides made in this regard. The fashion industry has evolved a lot in addressing issues of inclusion. It’s true that many brands still have a way to go, especially in terms of sizing, but things have improved a lot from, say, a decade ago. 

28. What do you think of Anna Wintour and her new position at Condé Nast?

This fashion thread was created by Rina more than a year and a half ago so I think she was referring to the role Anna Wintour took on as worldwide chief content officer at Condé Nast by the end of 2020. I think that led to a unification of the various editorial teams; companies often restructure their assets, and that was the case with Condé Nast. I have always liked Anna Wintour; she is a very influential person in the fashion world, and I have often enjoyed her work at Vogue US. She is a very forceful person in communicating her point of view and I definitely appreciate this. I know she has been criticized in the past regarding some editorial choices she made but that is part of being human and in life there is always room for improvement.

29. What do you think of influencers being invited for runway shows and featured in fashion magazines?

 I have never particularly liked the figure of the influencer, except for a couple of personalities like Kristina Bazan, who was very popular in the early 2010s. I loved reading her blog because she would put a lot of care into the articles she wrote and it wasn’t just about “showcasing pretty clothes.” I come from a time when the industry was mostly for agents and buyers, so I don’t believe in overcrowding, especially if we are talking about influencers not related to the fashion industry. Everything in moderation. 

30. What celebrity has the best street style in your opinion? (use pictures of your favorite looks if you want)


31. What celebrity has the best red carpet looks in your opinion? (use pictures if you want)

Anne Hathaway.  

32. What is the part you like the most about fashion and the industry?

Fashion editorials and the way fashion interacts with other artistic fields such as film and photography. 

33. What is the part you like the least about fashion and the industry? 

Too many paid partnerships on Instagram. I believe in being an ambassador for one or two brands but when every post is an ad, it doesn’t make sense to me. I also think that people should promote a product because they really believe in its quality and not just because they are paid to do so. 

34. What fashion capital would you like to live and why? 

Paris. I adore Parisian style. 

35. Would you rather be a stylist or a designer?

Probably a stylist. 

36. Would you ever be a model?

Not a runway model because I find it a bit intimidating. Photo model would be a better option. 

37. Do you go to fashion school or have you ever considered attending?

I didn’t go to fashion school but I took a specialization course with NYC Parsons School of Design – The New School. Attending fashion courses should be an individual choice; I love learning new things so I would recommend them. It also depends on what you want to study. There are also many aspects of fashion that you can self-taught or learn through practical experiences. 

38. What are your favorite movies about fashion?(it can be documentaries)

Funny Face (1957), The Devil Wears Prada (2006), The Neon Demon (2016), Bertrand Bonello’s Saint Laurent (2014), Personal Shopper (2016) and Phantom Thread (2017). As for documentaries, I really love McQueen (2018), Lagerfeld Confidential (2007), Iris (2014), The September Issue (2009), The True Cost (2015), Borsalino City (2015), House of Cardin (2019), Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel (2011), Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards (2017) and Franca: Chaos and Creation (2016)

39. What are your favorite TV shows about fashion?

Gossip Girl (2007), Dynasty (2017), Halston (2019) and Sex and The City (1998).  

40. What movie/tv show has the best costume design in your opinion?

Clueless (1995), Marie Antoinette (2006), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961), Baz Lhurmann’s The Great Gatsby (2013), Scarface (1983), Tom Ford’s A Single Man (2009), Women On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown (1988), Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), American Gigolo (1980), The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Breathless (1961) and In The Mood for Love (2000). Regarding TV shows, Inventing Anna (2022) and Mad Men (2007) have great costume design.

41. Who is your favorite model?

Cara Delevingne. Bonus points because she brought back the trend of thick eyebrows, which I have always had. 

42. What is your favorite fashion era?

I don’t have a particular one because I appreciate certain elements from each era. But if I really had to choose I would say the ’70s. 

43. If you had to dress as one decade of fashion for the rest of your life which one would it be?

The ’90s. 

44. What is your favorite fashion/beauty item to receive as a gift?

I love receiving perfumes as gifts. But I also enjoy receiving fashion coffee table books.

45. What are you getting yourself for Christmas?

It’s April so maybe it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas. Probably some coffee table book related to fashion, photography or movies. 

46. Do you like historical fashion?

I love it! I also love collecting books that deal with this topic. 

47. What is your favorite collection ever?

I don’t have one in particular but there are many Chanel collections that I have loved over the years, especially haute couture ones. I have a particular memory of the Chanel S/S 2019 haute couture collection. Among the more recent collections, however, I fell in love with the Dolce & Gabbana FW 2023/2024 ready-to-wear collection. 

48. Do you prefer neutrals or bright colors?

It depends on the occasion. I often dress neutrals but I also love bright colors so it really depends. 

49. Do you like monogram items?

Only in menswear collections. 

50. Do you prefer prints or patterns?


51. Are you an artist? What is your craft? (show us if you’d like)

I do not consider myself an artist in the true sense of the word but I love art in all its forms and practice photography on an amateur level with occasional assignments. Here below is one of my shots:

Jellyfish Beauty.
Jellyfish – Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

52. Were you into Bratz, Barbie or Polly as a kid? Which one?

Although I played a Polly Pocket game on my first laptop for a while and had a Bratz doll or two, I would always interact with Barbie dolls and used to own many of them when I was a kid (a friend of mine I would often play with had about 50). This makes me really excited about the upcoming Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig! 

53. What do you think of fashion influencers?

I don’t have a definite opinion about fashion influencers, but I follow very few of them, mainly Alexandra Pereira (who I have been following for almost a decade because I really like her style), Kristina Bazan (whose evolution from influencer to entrepreneur dedicated to art, singing and wellness I appreciate) and Alex Rivière because she has her own clothing line and is very classy. I believe that in order to have a positive “influence” on people it has to have more to do with the personality and skills of the individual rather than just wearing clothes and getting paid for it. I kind of preferred the way influencers were perceived a decade ago. 

54. What do you think of platform shoes?

I love the ones by Charlotte Olympia. 

55. What do you think of fur?

I think we need to find an alternative to fur because nowadays there are many synthetic furs that are identical to real ones and are not involved in hurting animals. I work in the fashion industry and in the past we used to sell a couple of real fur collections so maybe we are part of the problem? Non-harmful alternatives are necessary, though. 

56. What do you think of leather?

The difference between sustainable and non-sustainable leather comes from how the leather is processed, and this is well explained by Oeko-Tex. I mainly own leather jackets from All Saints and in recent years the brand has felt a greater responsibility to the planet and ecosystems by developing material recycling systems and water-saving techniques. I often say that there is always room for improvement but I think the first steps are important. 

57. Do you think fashion could be used to create awareness on social and political issues?

I think fashion has already started a few years ago to create awareness on a variety of social and political issues, starting from runway collections. It is an industry that can aim more and more at raising awareness about different issues because fashion is an important vehicle and it is an industry that has a lot of visibility. 

58. If your closet was on fire and you had to save only one thing what would it be?

Tough question, but I think my Chanel graffiti hobo bag because it also has sentimental value. 

59. What fictional characters have shaped you? (personality and fashion wise)

As for personality, definitely Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter universe. I have always identified with her character, especially as a child. In terms of style, Emma Watson (who played Hermione in the WB movies), also because she is very aware of sustainability factors, and I have been following her fashion journey since she designed a line with People Tree a decade ago. In terms of style, I was very influenced by some of the characters in Gossip Girl because I used to watch the show a lot in my high school years; if I used to appreciate Blair’s style, I now have a fondness for Serena’s. But Spencer’s character in the Pretty Little Liars series also influenced me; I love her preppy outfits. 

60. Who is your model crush? (drop pics)

When I was a teenager I particularly liked Simon Nessman and Baptiste Giabiconi, who were featured in numerous fashion campaigns.  

61. What is your favorite season to dress in and why? (like fall outfits, winter outfits, etc.)

I often change my mind about it but I think summer. Although I love coats, I always end up being too hot or too cold and don’t like to dress in layers. The mid-season look is ideal, as long as the temperatures are not too cold.

62. Do you prefer to be in front or behind the camera?

I took up photography when I was just a kid during primary school so I have always felt more comfortable behind the camera. I’ve been enjoying having my picture taken for a few years now, even though I didn’t really like being photographed as a teenager because I didn’t feel comfortable with my own image (as is often the case for teenagers). Pretty much everyone had to go through an “awkward phase” and I think that’s the reason why I did not feel at ease in front of the camera. 

63. Do you ever feel like you have to “dress down” to better suit the city you live in? Do you do it?

I was born and raised in Milan and that never made me feel like I had to “dress down” to better suit the city. I lived in Liguria for a while and no doubt I found myself feeling that way, when it had never happened to me before. It is different when you live in a provincial town and I am too used to the big city, where you come across many different types of style. However, I have always tried to dress as I like. Generally abroad I have never felt that way. 

64. Do your girls go to you for fashion advice?

Some do, because I work in the fashion industry. 

65. Do you use Pinterest? If so, drop yours.

Yes, I have been using Pinterest for many years and have created a variety of boards over the years. Here is the link to my Pinterest account.

66. Do you think fashion is art? Why?

Fashion is art because it is connected to the art world in the strict sense, and art has often served as inspiration to designers in creating garments and collections. Fashion itself is interconnected with other art forms such as film, music, photography and art itself. 

67. Do you think fashion should be for everyone? Why?

Fashion should be more accessible to everyone, but I think a smaller category of products should remain part of the luxury segment. What is certain is that I am against the price hikes of some fashion houses. 

68. Who are your favorite fashion Youtubers?

I will dedicate a separate article to my five favorite Fashion Youtubers, but the ones I love the most are The Chic League and Fashion Roadman. 

69. Have you done your color palette? If so, show us yours.

I haven’t done my color palette yet but a friend of mine offered to do it for me so I will probably have it done in the next future 🙂 

70. Are you happy with you current style or are you in the middle of a rebranding?

I think I am in the middle of a rebirth, a rebranding, in many ways, and this will probably affect my style as well. 

71. If you could steal a celebrities’ closet of your choice, which one would you choose?

I am not interested in just one particular celebrity wardrobe, but I do like some items from different wardrobes. The celebrity wardrobes I like the most, however, are those of Victoria Beckham and Shay Mitchell. 

72. Are you afraid to stand out because of your fashion choices?

In the past I was much more shy about it but not at the moment. 

73. Do you like anti-fashion?

Let’s say I appreciate the level of creativity involved in the anti-fashion movement. 

74. Would you rather be scouted online or on the street? If you choose online, what platform would it be? (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)

In person, like it used to be in the good, old days; it would provide me with a better way to check people’s trustworthiness first and I would always do some background research. 

75. What is your unpopular opinion about fashion?

I don’t know, I certainly don’t like it when something becomes too mainstream but this is not only related to fashion. 

76. What designer shouldn’t get as much hate as they get? Defend your case.

I don’t think she is hated because she has recently received a lot of praise for her work. But once I read that Victoria Beckham is seen as a cold person and that might influence the way her brand is perceived. I don’t agree with that. She is one of the greatest fashion designers of our time; she managed to create a label that is synonymous with elegance and class, developing the brand in a modern way, providing her own vision and creating a team of talented people to help her develop it. 

77. What designer shouldn’t get as much praise as they get? Defend your case.

 I don’t currently see designers who are overrated and undeservedly acclaimed. I see that there is a lot of movement in the industry and this has also given space to new designers. 

78. What underrated brand should get more recognition? (include some pictures of their collections if you want)

Off-White. It has evolved rapidly thanks to the genius of its late founder Virgil Abloh and after a low-key period the label is establishing itself as one of the most important streetwear brands in the industry. Its latest collections are proof of that. 

79. What underrated designer should get more recognition? (include some pictures of their designs if you want)

Celine. I think their collections are very chic and they use a wide range of high-quality materials.

80. What underrated model should get more recognition?

Vittoria Ceretti. I find that she has a very elegant allure, and I am glad that we are seeing her more often on the catwalk.

81. What overhyped designer item that shouldn’t get as much hype?


82. What overhyped designer item rightfully deserves as much hype?

Jacquemus bags. They’re very colorful and add a lot to personal style. 

83. What is the worst side of HF Twitter to you? And what is the best?

I’m not a particularly active member of High Fashion Twitter but I love discovering new fashion accounts that publish lots of images from the shows, often in real time. So that’s probably the best side. As for the worst, I know that in the past there have been feuds between individuals or groups of people over differences of opinion, but no discussions that I have actively participated in. 

84. What is your dream outfit for a red carpet moment? (describe it or use pictures)

I love every single look sported by Blake Lively, especially the ones from the Met Gala.  (insert pics) 

85. What are your favorite accessories to wear?

A quality watch when working, and distinctive bracelets and earrings, as well as sunglasses. 

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading this fashion thread and if you are interested you can answer all the questions in a new post on your blog.

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