Armani Hotel Spa in Milan, Italy

Pool - Armani Hotel Milano.
The pool at Armani/SPA

Giorgio Armani is one of my favorite fashion designers and I have already talked about his empire of fashion, design, and luxury hotel business on my website. I recently wrote an article about my visit to the Armani Silos, a museum space dedicated to the Armani fashion universe, on the occasion of Emporio Armani’s 40th anniversary. I have also been to the Armani Hotel Restaurant several times over the years, especially during Milan Fashion Week.

I love anything that reflects the minimal style and philosophy of Giorgio Armani so I was very excited to spend a morning at the Armani Hotel Spa in Milan. The entire Armani Hotel and Restaurant complex is one of the most elegant and iconic places in the city, located on via Manzoni, in the Fashion District.

The exclusive environment of Armani/SPA fully embodies Giorgio Armani’s signature lifestyle and design. It is a 1000-square-meter corner of tranquility and well-being located on the eighth floor of Armani Hotel Milano that allows guests (both hotel guests and those who only want to use the spa service) to relax and participate in a wellness path equipped with a sauna, steam bath and ice waterfall.

Armani/SPA also offers its guests three philosophies of carefully designed treatments based on natural products, in order to meet each individual need: the MU philosophy includes a series of treatments that aim to induce a deep feeling of relaxation. The LIBERTÀ philosophy is designed specifically to free the mind and body from deep physical stress through scrubs and face/body masks. The FLUIDITÀ treatment collection aims to harmonize mind and body and improve the process of eliminating toxins and excess fluids. In addition, it is also possible to enjoy a series of two-hour facial and body treatments through the use of some of Armani’s signature skincare creations, such as the Armani Crema Nera line; the exfoliating mask with natural oriental-inspired products is especially recommended.

Armani / Spa.
Armani/SPA – Minimalism at its best
Swimming pool moments at Armani/SPA

I visited Armani/SPA a while back, right after the holiday season; back then I didn’t have a lot of time because I was in the middle of a move but if you have the chance Armani/SPA offers a total body detox treatment throughout the month of January. Shea Butter and Sea Salt Massage is available, as well as the Eye Contour Mask with Viper Venom. I would be particularly interested in the above-mentioned massage because shea butter deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and sea salt purifies the skin thanks to its detoxifying and draining properties. These two detox treatments also include a one-hour access to the relaxation area with panoramic views of the city; I find the Armani/SPA swimming pool to be spectacular, with a unique design in its elegance, at once simple and sophisticated.

Steam/Sauna – Armani/SPA
Ice bucket – Armani/SPA

I have a very pleasant memory of this spa experience because it was one of the last moments I was truly happy and at peace with myself before I went through a difficult personal situation (I visited the spa in January 2020, before the pandemic, so what followed was a complicated time for everyone anyway). Nowadays I am convinced that spending money to devote time to ourselves, whether it is a day at the spa, a journey or a culinary experience helps us regenerate our spirit and regain personal balance in order to improve the management our daily lives.

Armani/SPA is the perfect place to relax in an oasis of peace and beauty in the heart of Milan, whether you are visiting the city as a guest of the Armani Hotel or want to spend a morning at the spa as an outside customer. It is great to visit Armani/SPA, whether alone or with a friend, family member, or life partner. I think it is also an amazing experience to give as a gift to someone; I took my mother to the spa with me and we had a wonderful time.

I highly recommend Armani/SPA if you live in Milan or are visiting the city and want to spend some moments of relaxation and self-care in one of the most elegant and symbolic places in the city in terms of hospitality and customer care.

Pool design – Armani/SPA
Milan - View from Armani Hotel.
View from Armani Hotel in Milan

ARMANI/SPA is open from 9:00 am to 9.00 pm.
Facial, Body and Beauty Treatments are available upon reservation for hotel guests and outside customers

Additional notes:
This is not a sponsored post.
The panoramic picture from the Armani Hotel Restaurant was actually taken by me on a sunny day; the scenery from Armani/SPA is quite similar, but I chose this photo because I visited the spa on a cloudy day. All pictures are my own.

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