Nutella Braids(Torciglioni Nutella) From Ricette Al Volo

Nutella braids

I first attempted to make Nutella braids with my mother a few months ago, when she found the recipe on, an Italian food blog which has a huge collection of recipes to try.

I am mainly interested in learning to cook desserts, probably because I have a sweet tooth, but I would also like to add my own recipes from family traditions in the upcoming months.

I think cooking is a fascinating activity and it can strengthen the bond among family members; I love to chat with my stepmother whenever I am visiting her and my father as we cook together (she cooks and I look at her cooking is more likely). Her recipes often have a Venetian touch, due to her being from North-East Italy, while my mother has her own cooking portfolio which has been highly influenced by Southern Italy (my grandparents were from Calabria). I love discovering cooking traditions from different parts of Italy (or even the world, as my stepmother loves Thai food, having been to Thailand multiple times), so I hope to expand my cooking knowledge and share a variety of recipes on this blog.
As for Nutella braids, in Italy we call them “torciglioni alla Nutella”, which basically means the same thing in Italian; what follows is a translation of the recipe from Ricettealvolo that explains the different steps to prepare them.

Nutella Puff Pastry Torciglioni are very easy puff pastry treats filled with hazelnut cream that can effortlessly be prepared in 10 minutes.

A very simple recipe to offer a tasty and delicious snack to your children, or however ideal when you want to prepare a snack that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone!

One package of puff pastry yields about 6-7. If you want to make more, simply use two packages of puff pastry and stack them on top of each other.

As a mouth-watering variation, once you have spread the hazelnut cream, you can also add some hazelnut or pistachio grains on top, which will make the braids even more delicious!


Portions: 4 people

Preparation: 9 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes


1 roll of puff pastry (preferably rectangular)

a few tablespoons of Nutella or other hazelnut cream

egg yolk or milk for brushing on


1) Roll out the puff pastry on a work surface, leaving it in its baking paper. Thin it a little with a rolling pin.

2) Spread a layer of hazelnut cream over the entire surface of the puff pastry.

3) Now close the puff pastry in half and cut strips about 1 cm thick. You can use a simple knife or a ravioli wheel.

4) Now take each strip and twist it onto itself.

5) Transfer the twisted strips to a baking sheet with baking paper.

6) Brush the surface either with egg yolk for a shinier effect or simply with milk.

7) Bake the torciglioni (braids) at 180° for about 20 minutes, until browned.

8) Once baked, let them cool completely.

9) Your treats are ready to be eaten in 5 minutes!

Torciglioni Nutella - Made in Italy.
Nutella braids – making of

I had so much fun cooking Nutella braids with my mom and they tasted delicious!

If you can read and understand Italian I suggest you take a look at to discover more dessert recipes; personally I am looking forward to making lemon cake!

Thank you so much to Ricettealvolo for the inspiration!

All pictures are my own.

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