Five Objects Of Fashion Inspired By France

For this “Five” edition, let’s take a look at five fashion objects I own that are evocative of France and its timeless glamour:

1) Karl Lagerfeld Signature Crossbody Bag: I fell in love with this bag in the spring of 2019 and it was gifted to me by my father on the occasion of my birthday.

I was a bit indecisive about which color to get (light pink or beige were my main options) but then I came across the black version and it really caught my eye. Besides the fact that black goes with everything, I felt it was the most practical shade for a daily use (it’s the ideal bag for me when running errands on foot, but also for a chic apéritif in the city; I would pair it with an all-black outfit, probably black jeans or faux-fur pants and a black biker jacket).

Three years later, it shows no particular signs of wear (apart from a little scratch on the golden Karl signature) and I still use it often, mostly in the wintertime.

I love the fact that it combines classic and contemporary elements, being a centerpiece for different styles; it also provides adequate storage in my opinion.

2) Chanel Paris – Riviera Eau de Toilette: this is part of the “Les Eaux de Chanel” collection, which was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s travel destinations.

Paris – Riviera evokes the soft atmosphere of the French Riviera, one of Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite vacation places; in 1928 she had her villa “La Pausa” built in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, immersed in the warmth of the Mediterranean sea.

I bought Paris-Riviera at the Chanel boutique in Milan and was very satisfied with the service and packaging of the product. I usually spray it in the summertime thanks to its combination of Sicilian orange and neroli.

Top notes: Flowers, Citruses and Orange Peel. Middle notes: Neroli and Jasmine. Base notes: Benzoin and Sandalwood.

3) Chanel J12 Watch 33mm in Black : J12 was first created by Chanel in 2000 and it transformed ceramic into a “precious material”. This piece changed my approach to wristwatches; I used to wear one in primary school only, when I was obsessed with digital watches and thought them pretty stylish.

Wearing the Chanel wristwatch gives me confidence and it adds a classy touch to every outfit, both casual and elegant.

I also own the white version, but I prefer to wear it in the spring/summer season when it’s not too hot. The black one is great for the fall/winter and I love to wear it during fashion week. It’s what got me interested in exploring the world of luxury watches, which my grandfather was really passionate about.

4) Camellia Pearl Brooch: I bought this brooch online and while it is a brandless product, it is a reproduction of the Chanel Camellia ring which came out more than fifteen years ago. While the ring retails for $16.000 (second-hand!), this brooch was quite inexpensive and it’s a perfect piece to wear on a coat or a blazer.

It is a very sparkly brooch, especially in the sun, and it helps giving elegant vibes to a formal outfit.

5) Rouge Dior 999 Lipstick: this is probably Dior’s most famous lipstick. An icon of the Dior makeup line, it is refined with red peony and pomegranate flower extracts and I like the CD initials on the lipstick cap, which echoes both modernity and tradition. The product belongs to Dior’s sustainable development initiative, which aims to improve the Maison’s impact on the climate. The Dior 999 shade dates back to 1953, when Christian Dior created it for his couture looks, with the color to be worn by models on the runway (9 was Dior’s lucky number). The first formula for the Rouge Dior lipstick was launched in 2006 and was reformulated in 2016 in a matte finish (mine is the older edition). I have always been rather intimidated by the classic red shade, because I didn’t know if it was the right one for me, but being a brunette with light skin, I am glad to say I have found the one that works for my complexion.

Those are some of the pieces I love the most and that incorporate the style I usually go for.

All pictures are my own.

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